Part 1: Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work?

By Kimmah Shah on 5/21/18 9:00 AM

What is customer loyalty? As a consumer, you may notice that “customer loyalty” happens everywhere you go. You visit a local deli for a sandwich and the friendly person behind the counter hands you a punch card. Or, you’re checking out at the grocery store and the cashier asks to scan the tiny card on your keychain. Voila!

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Clutch Discusses the Future of Loyalty with Loyalty 360

By Kimmah Shah on 11/27/17 10:00 AM

Clutch and Loyalty 360 have teamed up to answer all of your questions about the future of loyalty as part of Loyalty 360's Thought Leadership in Loyalty Series.

Topics: Loyalty
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Automate Your Way to Customer Engagement

By Kimmah Shah on 8/10/17 11:10 AM

Meineke Car Care Centers collected a mountain of customer data. But like most businesses, it wasn’t organized in a way that allowed them to use that data to guide their customer retention strategies.

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Use Data to Personalize and Improve Your Loyalty Program

By Clutch on 8/8/17 11:00 AM

When Meineke Car Care Centers discovered that more than two-thirds of its customers visited just once per year, they realized their customer retention campaigns needed an overhaul. Repeat customers orders were on average 25 percent higher than customers who only visited once. Executives knew that even a modest increase in repeat visits would have a significant impact on the company's bottom line.  

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Smart Data Drives Relationships and Turbocharges Loyalty Programs

By Clutch on 8/3/17 11:00 AM

In 2015, Meineke Car Care Centers’ loyalty program was falling flat. Their primary offer of a free oil change after five visits wasn’t doing much to engage customers or encourage more visits. With an influx of new cars on the road, they realized the need to do a better job of truly engaging with drivers while introducing them to a wider range of services if they were going to win that business. It was time for Meineke to get to know their customers and figure out how to best leverage the massive amount of customer data they amassed across their 900 franchisees.

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Introducing Clutch Essential: The Premier NetSuite Loyalty Solution

By Kate Atty on 11/14/16 2:47 PM

When we launched the Clutch SuiteApp for NetSuite customers last year, we met a lot of smaller businesses that needed an out-of-the-box gift and loyalty program. They wanted something that gave small and medium-sized businesses the same ability to identify and motivate customers that their bigger competitors were using.

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NetSuite Loyalty Program & Marketing Solution

By Clutch on 10/4/16 2:58 PM

It’s official! NetSuite clients can now use Clutch’s platform to motivate and understand their existing customers. The best part? It’s easy.

Our application has reached “Built for NetSuite” status. That signifies our application meets NetSuite’s highest standards for quality and seamless integration.

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Loyalty Lessons From Starbucks' New York Times Rewards

By Joe Pino on 8/26/16 10:26 AM

Starbucks recently announced a partnership with The New York Times where, beginning in 2016, Starbuck’s loyalty program members will be able to read select daily news articles from the paper for free in the Starbucks mobile app. This is another content-based reward similar to their iTunes Pick of the Week Song.

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Forrester Highlights Meineke in New Loyalty Report

By Clutch on 7/27/16 1:37 PM

Forrester Research's Senior Analyst for Customer Loyalty, Emily Collins, recently published a report entitled, Harness Loyalty Insights To Build Business Advantage (subscription required). The brief validates Clutch's product strategy of loyalty programs being an insight-capture tool to enhance brands' existing customer marketing.

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The Challenges of AMEX's Coalition Loyalty Attempt

By Clutch on 4/28/16 4:55 PM

As you may have heard American Express is leading the charge in launching a US-based “coalition loyalty” program with AT&T, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide, Rite Aid, Direct Energy and Hulu. Branded “Plenti,” the program adopts the ‘more is more’ approach where consumers can earn and burn rewards across an array of brands, like those listed above.

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